Catamaran Sea of Love Crew -44 feet

Capt. Joe and Chef/Mate/Wife Carol Cazana
These two are wonderful. My guests have had a great time on this boat mostly due to the fact that the yacht is terrific, comfortable and Carol’s cooking is second to none.
They love to have kids on board and everyone has a great time.
All guests’ comments go something just like this: We had a wonderful family vacation on the Sea Of Love. We celebrated a 60th B-day on the trip. We had such a good time being together and experiencing the islands in the BVI. We loved snorkeling, diving and swimming at the beaches and off the boat. Carol attended to our every need and fixed us fabulous meals!!! It was so relaxing and fun! Family games at night and enjoying the wonderful breezes were loved by all. Thank you!
2 stand up paddle boards
2 single kayaks
Kids welcome: Water safe/swimmers
SCUBA on board
SEA of LOVEis now including as part the charter package, three days of 2-tank rendezvous diving on all 7 night charters. If the guests are non-divers, one of the dives will instead be a resort course. That means the first day would be the resort course plus a single tank dive and 2 tank dives on the other 2 days. There is no dive gear on board. (Offer subject to change without notice)