All Crewed charter yachts shown on this page represent some of the best of the best in our studied opinion. We know the crews and yachts very well. But, it’s simply not possible to list them all. Please ask if you’re not seeing what you want. Slip Aweigh Charters specializes in yacht charters in the Caribbean. Areas covered: The US and British Virgin Islands, The Bahamas (and Florida Keys), the Grenadines and New England when the yachts based in the Caribbean charter there. Many of these boats also charter in other areas seasonally. For example, some go to New England or the Mediterranean in the Summer months, some offer charters in the beautiful Grenadines or Bahamas for the Summer season and some are in one place year round. And some do not offer Summer charters at all but perform maintenance while on vacations. We know how make the perfect match of yacht and crew specifically for your personal needs and preferences. Just give us a call or fill in the form to outline your ideas for your party, what you’d like to do, when and where, and we’re off and running. You will receive our reply within 24 hours and often much more quickly.

Features of “Catamarans” Definition of Yacht: Any vessel propelled by sail or power, used especially for pleasure cruising. Catamarans (and Tri-marans or “3 hulls”, less commonly offered) afford roomy, expansive areas to lounge while on charter. All offer a fabulous view from the bow as you sail along. The benefit for most is they are less “tippy” with at the most, 5 degrees of heel, than conventional single hulled Monohulls. They are well suited to large parties with children or several business associates and friends getting together simply due to the fact that they are so spacious. Select from the Featured yachts below or click on “View All Catamaran Yachts” for even more options.

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Yacht Name Length Max Cabins
Cuan Law
102 20 5 $42,615 $45,815 Availability
Blue Gryphon
83 12 7  $60,000  $82,500 Availability
Tell Star
77 8 4 $55,000 $57,000 Availability
76 10 5 $40,740 $47,100 Availability
76 12 6 $46,950 $49,950 Availability
67 9 4 $19,500 $23,500 Availability
Shangri La
65 8 4 $18,900 $22,900 Availability
62 10 6 $36,500 $40,000 Availability
57 4 4 $12,990 $19,990 Availability
Blue Moon
56 6 3 $17,500 $20,000 Availability
Flying Ginny VII
55 8 4 $15,500 $19,500 Availability
50 8 4 $16,800 $18,900 Availability
50 6 3 $16,500 $19,500 Availability
Twilight Rodeo
50 8 4 $11,500 $17,500 Availability
Feel the Magic
50 8 4 $14,500 $17,500 Availability
Sea Chateau
50 6 3  $11,000 $15,000 Availability
50 8 4 $12,000 $16,500 Availability
47 8 4 $13,100 $18,800 Availability
47 6 3 $12,000 $15,450 Availability
46 6 3 $10,000 $16,500 Availability
Knot Anchored
46 6 3  $8,000 $12,600 Availability
Sea of Love
44 8 4 $10,500 $12,000
Steppin Up
43 6 3 $12,750 $14,750 Availability
40 4 2 $8,000 $9,350 Availability
Salty Girl
40 6 3 $9,200 $11,500 Availability

Every effort is made to provide current and correct pricing. Actual pricing will be verified once details concerning dates of travel, number of persons on board, service level desired and area in which to charter are received.

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    The yachts presented for charter and their particulars displayed on Slip Aweigh Charter’s website are provided in good faith and while believed to be correct are not guaranteed. All information is subject to change without notice prior to your charter booking and mutually signed agreement. All details and particulars will be confirmed for your charter by a professional representative of Slip Aweigh Charters during the process of choosing your charter yacht. At the time of the actual booking of your chosen yacht and term, you and the yacht’s representative will mutually agree to all terms and inclusions by signed Agreement.