Charter like a doggie! Lie around and do nothing all day long.
Have some very nice people wait on you like family. They’ll also make your favorite food and give you the best of care.  Oh,  and  they’ll  clean up after you, too.
And TREATS! like these  below!


It’s a Dogs Life on Charter!

fun on your yacht charter

That is exactly what this vacation is like.

But seriously, friends…

Special Offers!! We have discounts and more weeks open than any former year… And now YOU know this fantastic place is open and ready for your visit.  There are more Spring weeks open this year than any year before since  other folks may not know it’s READY for you to visit.  Bring the family, the friends, make it a joyful party, and when you do, you’re helping the Islands’ economy.  That’s a win/win!   Tourist dollars are so very welcome especially now.

We all know our beloved Caribbean islands took a hit this past summer, but at this writing, it’s been 6 months since the storms, and you would NOT believe how fast the island attractions have come back. It’s also a perfect time to come, since many don’t really know that the pure white sand beaches, the beautiful reefs and fishes, the beach bars are still just great! In fact, on March 24th Foxy’s Beach Bar (seen below) is going to celebrate their 50th Anniversary!! (Hmm, I’ve only known him for 25 years, plus or minus, and he’s not changed a bit!! )

Oh and when you visit? He’ll be strummin’ and singin’ and tellin’ his stories… so be sure to ask him to tell you the story of “Dah Island Dog”. 

Foxy and Tessa last Sept. His 83rd Birthday and still singin’ and dancin’.

This video below was shot less than 4 weeks ago, Feb. 2018. We’ve been given permission to share. Ride along with these joyful people. Jump in!! Play! Lime!! Have FUN! Painkillers await! 

PS: The sweet donkeys are ready for you, too. Click on the picture to see updates from the National Park on St. John. USVI.